Best Bitcoin Casino

Best Bitcoin Casinos

What do all the best Bitcoin casinos have in common? Well apart from a wide range of different games including, Slots, video Poker and blackjack, the best ones are all provably fair. What does Provably fair mean we hear you ask? Well in short, it mean that you are receiving much better odds to win than you would on let’s say the normal traditional casinos. In short, there is a system plugged into the casino to ensure each game is set so that the house edge is anywhere between 0.5 – 1%, compared to 8% – 15% on the “normal” online casinos. Each and every wager can be tracked on provably fair casinos to ensure you have had a fair chance of winning.


Bitcoin casinos also offer you the chance to sign up anonymously, no sign ups, no adding debit and credit cards, and more importantly, no waiting for weeks to withdraw, or even worse, being rejected as the proof of address and photo ID didn’t match the casino’s terms and conditions. People like us that like to have a wager in the online casinos know exactly where I am coming from, and when a casino stops you withdrawing your own hard earning winnings, it can be extremely frustrating to say the least. This is where bitcoin casinos stand head and shoulders about the traditional online casinos, as you can withdraw back to your bitcoin wallet, normally instantly. A few casinos might take around 24 hours for the first withdrawal, but we can guarantee, all the bitcoin casinos on our site have a proven record of paying out almost instantly, and back in your bitcoin wallet within the hour.


Another thing to look out for is the wonderful bonuses you can receive on the bitcoin casinos, some have cash back deals, others have matching deposits on not only your first deposit, but on your next 5 deposits. Most have “in house” competitions, where you can win Bitcoins, Free slot spins and much, much more. We think that the bitcoin revolution is coming and will change the way people place their bets in the future.

The 5 Etiquettes You Need To Know When Eating Thai Food

Like many other countries, Thai dishes should be eaten the right way. There are some customs that we should follow when we are eating Thai cuisines. Here are the top Thai etiquettes that we have to learn when we are eating Thai dishes most especially in a Thai restaurant.

1. Eat with the spoon and not your fork

When you are eating, it is necessary to scoop the food using the spoon. You might say that we can just stick the fork into the meat and eat it. There is nothing wrong with that but if you want to make sure that you will not offend anybody just use the fork to push the food to the spoon then eat it.

2. Place the utensils next to each other in a 6:30 position

It is the signal that you are done eating, and you want the table cleaned up. Once the server sees it on your plate, they will immediately remove the plates and other dirty dishes, making sure it’s clean.

3. Share your food

All the food serves in a Thai restaurant should be shared with everyone. It is a custom when people are eating with you in a table. Everyone can get whatever food is on the table.

4. Use the serving spoon

It is important that you will get the food using a serving spoon. Do not use your spoon and fork because it is considered rude and unethical.

5. Start getting the food from the side

If there is a platter provided once the food is served, make sure that you will get your share from the edge of the serving platter than in the middle of it. It is the right way of getting Thai food.

Follow these essential etiquettes when eating Thai dishes. It is the best way to enjoy the food without being rude unknowingly.

The 4 Myths About Thai Food That Most Of Us Know

If you are a fan of eating Thai food, you should have heard a lot of rumors and myths about it. It’s just that there are a lot of things that are not true. Let’s check out the myths about Thai food that we should all know.

Myth #1: Thai food is great with vegetarians

It is not entirely accurate even though some cuisines contain lots of vegetables because most Thai dishes have a lot of meat contents even on the small amount of it. This myth started because there is an abundance of vegetables in Thai food, but most of it contains meat.

Myth #2: Thai dishes are always spicy

Yes, it’s true that Thai foods are famous for the spices of their food, but when it is being cooked, it’s not that spicy at all. You will just get all the burning sensation in your mouth through all the condiments serves alongside the food.

Myth #3: It is fancy and detailed

If you live on the West side of the world, the impression you will get when you are eating Thai food is that it appears to match the gourmet world of foods. The truth is no. Thai food comes in very cheap and the ingredients used to cook it can mostly be found everywhere. It’s because the Thai people prefers the taste of the food more than the presentation of it.

Myth #4: Thai foods are eating with chopsticks

Thai foods are not eaten with chopsticks all the time. The only time you will use chopsticks is when you are eating Thai noodles but other than that, it should be eaten with spoon and fork.

Those are the four myths about Thai food that we should all know. Thai dishes are one of the tastiest foods in the world because of all the spices added to it and it is important to know what is the truth behind it.

5 Thai Food Ingredients That Are Beneficial To Our Health

The best thing about the Thai foods that we all love to eat is that it’s not just tasty, but it also contains a lot of healthy benefits in our body. It should be the primary purpose when we eat food. It should benefit our health all the time. Check out the usual ingredients that Thai food has and how good are those for our health.

1. Coconut Milk

The best Thai food comes along with coconut milk. It has been a stable ingredient when cooking Thai dishes and what others may not know, the coconut milk is useful for lowering LDL. It is a type of cholesterol that is not good for our body. Aside from that, coconut milk can also boost the immune system of an individual.

2. Chillies

Chillies don’t just provide the burning sensation with our mouth because it is a good ingredient to keep our heart healthy and it helps our body produce enough insulin. It is also an excellent ingredient that can be added to food if you are having trouble sleeping.

3. Coriander

It is a great ingredient to help us achieve a proper food digestion. It also helps us get a better immune system so our bodies can fight the common ailments like a cough and flu.

4. Turmeric

It is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. The best part is that it can just be easily added to the food, and you can get both benefits in a natural way. It is an ingredient that is widely used to reduce the risk of cancer to people.

5. Kaffir Lime Leaves

It contains antioxidants, and it is useful for cleansing the blood flowing in our body. It is also good if you need to maintain healthy teeth.

There is no reason for us not to eat Thai food. It is appetizing and proven to have a lot of health benefits for the people.