The 5 Etiquettes You Need To Know When Eating Thai Food

Like many other countries, Thai dishes should be eaten the right way. There are some customs that we should follow when we are eating Thai cuisines. Here are the top Thai etiquettes that we have to learn when we are eating Thai dishes most especially in a Thai restaurant.

1. Eat with the spoon and not your fork

When you are eating, it is necessary to scoop the food using the spoon. You might say that we can just stick the fork into the meat and eat it. There is nothing wrong with that but if you want to make sure that you will not offend anybody just use the fork to push the food to the spoon then eat it.

2. Place the utensils next to each other in a 6:30 position

It is the signal that you are done eating, and you want the table cleaned up. Once the server sees it on your plate, they will immediately remove the plates and other dirty dishes, making sure it’s clean.

3. Share your food

All the food serves in a Thai restaurant should be shared with everyone. It is a custom when people are eating with you in a table. Everyone can get whatever food is on the table.

4. Use the serving spoon

It is important that you will get the food using a serving spoon. Do not use your spoon and fork because it is considered rude and unethical.

5. Start getting the food from the side

If there is a platter provided once the food is served, make sure that you will get your share from the edge of the serving platter than in the middle of it. It is the right way of getting Thai food.

Follow these essential etiquettes when eating Thai dishes. It is the best way to enjoy the food without being rude unknowingly.