The 4 Myths About Thai Food That Most Of Us Know

If you are a fan of eating Thai food, you should have heard a lot of rumors and myths about it. It’s just that there are a lot of things that are not true. Let’s check out the myths about Thai food that we should all know.

Myth #1: Thai food is great with vegetarians

It is not entirely accurate even though some cuisines contain lots of vegetables because most Thai dishes have a lot of meat contents even on the small amount of it. This myth started because there is an abundance of vegetables in Thai food, but most of it contains meat.

Myth #2: Thai dishes are always spicy

Yes, it’s true that Thai foods are famous for the spices of their food, but when it is being cooked, it’s not that spicy at all. You will just get all the burning sensation in your mouth through all the condiments serves alongside the food.

Myth #3: It is fancy and detailed

If you live on the West side of the world, the impression you will get when you are eating Thai food is that it appears to match the gourmet world of foods. The truth is no. Thai food comes in very cheap and the ingredients used to cook it can mostly be found everywhere. It’s because the Thai people prefers the taste of the food more than the presentation of it.

Myth #4: Thai foods are eating with chopsticks

Thai foods are not eaten with chopsticks all the time. The only time you will use chopsticks is when you are eating Thai noodles but other than that, it should be eaten with spoon and fork.

Those are the four myths about Thai food that we should all know. Thai dishes are one of the tastiest foods in the world because of all the spices added to it and it is important to know what is the truth behind it.